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The high antioxidant Peltos Niacinamide Sleep Mask provides radiant & glowing skin. The natural actives provide an even skin tone and reduce the appearance of pigment spots.Balances the sebum production for a radiant look.

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  • Intense skin brightening by natural & potent actives. Reduces tan & pigment spots. Deep nourishment & rejuvenation for bright glowing skin. Promotes natural barrier function, reduces transepidermal water loss.

  • Niacinamide:
    Stabilises lipid barrier, preserves hydration & stimulates collagen synthesis
    Inhibits melanin transfer & reduces pigmentation

    3M3 Whiteris G:
    Brown algae extract from sea fern
    Melano Minimiser

    BRIGHT Oleactif:
    Natural brightening & anti-dark spot active
    Patented Oleo-eco-extraction technology for enhanced skin penetration & absorption

    Tranexamic Acid:
    Reduces melanin synthesis & tyrosinase activity
    Shrinkage of dermal vasculature

    Natural anti-inflammatory antibacterial & antioxidant
    Reduces signs of aging & dark spots

    Gwhite VCE:
    Stable form of ascorbic acid
    Inhibition of melanin synthesis
    Improves complexion & skin elasticity

  • • Cleanse the face and pat dry
    • Apply a thin uniform film of Peltos sleep Mask
    • Leave the mask overnight and go off to a good night sleep
    • Rinse the face in the morning with water

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