Cicatrix Cream

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Cicatrix Scar Reducing Cream reduces scars, burn and acne marks, stretch marks and keloids. Cicatrix Cream is a special cream based on natural ingredients that reduces visible scars from the first weeks of application. It reduces hypertrophic scars, recent and old scars, burn marks, acne and stretch marks. It enriches the natural glow of your skin, moisturises the skin and fights wrinkles.

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    Molecularly activated ingredients, help in improving the final aesthetic effects of scars. It ensures proper reconstruction of damaged skin thereby, improving skin texture, skin colour, and helping in the aesthetic improvement of scars. Clinically tested results prove its efficacy in managing keloids, burn scars, acne scars, and stretch marks. To be applied twice a day using a massage technique.

    Key Benefits:

    1. Reduce scars, burn marks, acne and stretch marks
    2. Helps to moisturize the skin
    3. It ensures proper reconstruction of damaged skin
    4. Helping in the aesthetic improvement of scars
    5. Improves skin texture
    6. Works best on fresh scars


    Manufactured By: Catalysis, S.L. 
    Cl. de la Macarena, 14, 28016 Madrid, Spain

    Made in: Spain

  • Aqua, Methylpolysiloxane, Ceramide 3- Ceramide 611-Ceramide 1-P= me-Cholesterot-Sodium Lauroy1Xarrthan Gum. Getfiesyl Alcohol, Glycerin, PPG-11 Stearyi Ether, Steareth-2, Centella Asiatica, Steam. Acid, Phenoxyethanol-Ethylhexylgly. cerin, Paraffin, Steareth-20, Rnus Sytvestris, sniturn Hydroxide. Sodium Hyaluronate, Garbomer. Partum (Hydroxyy-Citronella', Coumartn, Ger-and, Unaktiol, HeJryl Cinnamal,d-Urnonene, Evernia Prunastri)

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