Emolene Cream

Emolene cream is a hydro nourisher that restores the natural moisture balance. It contains propylene glycol and urea. Urea and propylene moisture and heals dry skin, whereas glycol is a good skin conditioner. 

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  • It is called "humectant" because it is an important component of the body's natural moisturizing factor (nmf). Urea softens the horny layer so it can be easily released from the surface of the skin. Propylene glycol acts by retaining the moisture content of the skin, preventing the escape of moisture or water. Emolene cream can be used on face, hands, elbow, feet, and is suitable for all skin types. Use under medical supervision.

  • PROPYLENE GLYCOL-15MG, UREA-1.5MG , lecithin, squalene, dimethicone, glycerine

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