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Joygain advance will help you achieve healthy and shiny hair, it will provide advanced care with the help of this improved formulation for the best results.

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  • Beta Sitesterol-200mg Ecgc-50 mg Quercetin - 10 mg Pumpkin seed Extract -100mg Proanthrocyanidine Stinging Nettle -30 mg Solanum lycopersicum Calcium D Panthothenate -150mg Biotin-10 mg Copper Vitamin B6-1mg Vitamin B12-1mg Ferrous fumarate Niacinamide Gotu kola Inositol Zinc Oxide Grape Seed Extract -50 L-Cystein -60mg Magnesium citrate Dl methionine -30 Brewers yeast -100 mg L-Arginine Sodium selenite -65 mg

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