Acnejoy Acne Care Capsules

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Acnejoy Acne Care Capsules is a Natural Acne care complex. Reduces Acne, inflammation & Detox, it attacks Acne in 3 Different Ways:

  1. Balances hormone level in your body
  2. Detoxify & Cleanses Your Body & Skin Toxins
  3. Strengthens Your Skin with Essential Nutrients

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  • Key Features:

    1. Acnejoy provides nutrients that support the production of healthy skin at the intracellular level where topical products can’t penetrate
    2. Promotes Clear Acnefree Skin through Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-bacterial Property
    3. Neutralizes free radicals
    4. Reduces activity of sebaceous glands
    1. Pantothenic Acid (VIT B5)
      Pantothenic acid or Vitamin B5, is an essential Metabolite that helps break down Sebum Production, The chief Acne causing agent in our body, Vitamin B5 will Ensure that your body keeps Sebum level in Balance and Allow for Cleaner, Clearer Pores while Reducing Acne
    2. Kiwi Seed Extract
      Kiwi seed Extract reduces inflammation under the Skin where Acne develops. When there is inflammation underneath the Skin that space fills with Bacteria and Sebum Production increases, Causing Acne to develop, Kiwi seed extract Protects the Skin from creating that space
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