Amezit Tablets

Amezit works with greater efficacy and safety in sebum overproduction, inflammation, follicular hyperkeratinization, and oxidative stress.

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  • Beta-carotene 12.33 MG+Biotin 10 MG+Calcium pantothenate 12.7 MG+Choline 4.24 MG+Citrus bioflavonoids 10.24 MG+D-salina extract 15 MG+Elemental copper 154 MCG+Elemental selenium 70 MCG+Ferrous ascorbate 12.5 MG+Flaxseed oil 20 MG+Folic acid 5 MG+Grape seed extract 22.4 MG+L-cysteine 18 MG+Lecithin 13.2 MG+Niacinamide 18.5 MG+Pyridoxine 1.5 MG+Vitamin E 25 IU+Zinc monomethionine 6.8 MG

    1. Vitamin C promotes healing of acne scars, acts as a skin protector & also enhances the absorption of Zinc Methionine Complex.
    2. Beta –Carotene Vitamin E & Salina Extract is a powerful anti-oxidant and protects the skin from free radicals.
    3. Zinc Methionine Complex in Amezit tab has a better bio-availability than the existing zinc formulation. Studies show that zinc kills acne-causing bacteria & also works even for people who have antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the skin. Other Benefits of Zinc Methionine Complex:

    > Acts as an inflammatory agent & also reduces keratinocyte activation
    > It is also DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) blocker and powerful anti-oxidant

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