Amino Collagen

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Amino Collagen is India’s first beauty supplement and most effective collagen source for healthy and naturally glowing skin from within.

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  • Collagen is a freely occurring protein in the body that plays a major role to keep skin naturally healthy. It also helps in skin cell regeneration; keeps skin moisturized. Amino collagen can be consumed daily by adding it to your choice of food, hot or cold, at any time of the day. Skin’s daily collagen requirement is 5000 mg approx. One leveled spoon (approx. 7gms) of Meiji Amino Collagen gives your skin the required collagen for a healthy, supple and naturally glowing skin. Meiji Amino Collagen is made from high quality, low-molecular collagen peptide.

  • Collagen peptide 5000 mg, Arginine 510 mg, Vitamin c 40, Glucosamine 53 mg

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