Venusia Max Lotion

Venusia Max Lotion is a therapeutic moisturiser with a balanced mix of Butter and Glycerine. This is an advanced formula which provides deep and long-lasting moisturization for dry, scaly and itchy skin. This formula helps greatly in hydrating, softening and healing feet, hands, elbows and knee which require deep moisturization.
Regular use of Venusia lotion offers intense moisturising to prevent dryness for an extended period. Venusia max lotion removes tanning and is suitable for every age. It provides long-lasting moisturization, and regular use of Venusia Max Lotion helps prevent dryness.

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  • Key Benefits:
    •    An intense moisturizing lotion which works to provide sustained increase in hydration
    •    A unique combination of 4 butters- Shea, Aloe, Cocoa and Mango helps to restore softness of the skin
    •    The combination of ingredients helps to soften dry, rough, and flaky skin
    •    Contains natural emollient properties
    •    Helps to restore a smooth and supple skin

  • Propylene glycol
    Emulsifying wax
    Shea butter
    Aloe butter
    Mango butter
    Cocoa butter
    Cetyl alcohol
    Stearic acid

  • Cocoa, Aloe,Shea and Mango butter, Glycerine, Dimethicone

  • Gives long lasting protection from dryness
    Heals dry skin of hands, feet, elbows and knees
    Gives intense moisturization
    Helps to prevent dryness
    Nourishes the skin
    Removes tan

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