SESKAVEL Glycolic Shampoo

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Protective shampoo. Specially designed to protect hair undergoing dermatological (hair tonic) or chemical (dyes, perms,) treatments. Flaking, or hyper-seborrheic scalp (dandruff, oily).

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  • Sesderma Seskavel Glycolic Shampoo is specially formulated to protect oily hair or skin that has been subjected to chemical treatments. It is an extra soft peel effect shampoo. It is also ideal to soothe irritated scalp and complements treatments for peeling, seborrhea and alopecia. This shampoo treats flaking or hyper-seborrheic scalp (dandruff, oily). Calms and relieves scalp itching and irritation and protects hair due to the glycolic acid that accelerates natural flaking of the scalp and facilitates the elimination of the flakes. Sesderma Seskavel Glycolic Shampoo enhances penetration of hair tonic products as it diminishes the thickness of the corneous layer of the hair. As it contains oatmeal, the shampoo softens, hydrates, calms, and refreshes, while it simultaneously alleviates itching sensations and irritations.

    Key Features:

    1. Extra soft shampoo with peel effect
    2. Glycolic acid accelerates the natural desquamation
    3. Protects hair from hair treatments
    4. Enriched with panthenol to hydrate hair and make it more flexible
    5. Has moisturising and soothing properties of oat extract
    6. Has antioxidant properties of vitamin E that prevents hair ageing
    7. Free of silicones, parabens and allergens
    8. Soothes scalp irritation
  • 10%.Glycolic Acid, 1% Oats, 1% Panthenol, 0.01% Vitamin E

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